About Me

Sonja is smiling at the camera and wearing a green blazer.

April 2021. Photo by Ty Chen.

In the academy, the world, and the woods. These are places you’ll find me, exploring, listening, and learning. 

I have these qualifications:

  • Experience creating and managing study abroad programs for over 7 years
  • Experience providing international exchange student support for 7 years
  • Experience teaching ESL and writing for over 5 years
  • Experience living in 6 countries and traveling in 6 continents

As of 2023, I have taken the role of Assistant Director of Education Abroad at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) in southern California.

In my previous roles such as the Director of Education Abroad at Cal State San Bernardino and the Education Abroad Coordinator at Cal State LA, I advised outbound and inbound exchange students, liaised with international partners, led information sessions and orientations, and communicated with faculty to develop faculty-led courses abroad.

I am also a Canadian/Norwegian immigrant who has lived in Kenya, England, and South Korea, though I feel most at home in the U.S. (California specifically). I identify as a Third Culture Kid, am a language geek and enjoy dirt on my hiking boots (Half Dome; Mt. Whitney; the Grand Canyon). Woo, Positivity, Communication, Activator, and Ideation are my five strengths, according to Gallup.

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