About Me

Photo: Bernadette Jarrard, January 2019.

In the academy. In the world. In the woods. These are three places you’ll find me, exploring, listening, and learning.

As the Education Abroad Coordinator at California State University, Los Angeles, I help university students achieve their dream of studying in another country like I did, affordably.

I have these qualifications:

  • Experience creating and managing study abroad programs for over 5 years
    • Experience teaching ESL and EFL for over 5 years
      • Experience teaching rhetoric/composition, academic English for 3 years
    • Experience providing data-driven international student support for over 7 years
  • Experience living in 6 countries and traveling in 6 continents

At Cal State LA I advise outbound and inbound exchange students, liaise with international exchange partners, plan and lead study abroad information sessions, organize and deliver pre-departure orientations, communicate with faculty to develop, market, and budget faculty-led courses abroad, collaborate with colleagues to develop a strategic marketing plan, serve on the Study Abroad Faculty Learning Community, and supervise student assistants.

Examples of my work include:

  • Program growth: Increasing Cal State LA study abroad applications by 193% over two years, and boosting study abroad scholarship applications by 40% to 200%; at my previous university, I was responsible for the increase of study abroad participation by 57% over two years.
  • International student engagement: Transforming the international exchange student program at Cal State LA by reaching out to 72 students via online webinars and through ongoing engagement such as weekly tea times and Cal State LA’s first buddy program, organizing monthly meet-ups such as hikes and museum visits.
  • Strategic thinking: Creating a strategic plan, which included building affiliations with Latin America, resulting in a new exchange partnership between Cal State LA and Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP). The plan also included creating articulation agreements with impacted departments at Cal State LA, resulting in articulation between the Department of Television, Film and Media Studies and the University of Worcester.

Previously, I worked as the Coordinator of Changing Global Society at Schreiner University. Among other things, I created the university’s first centralized study abroad program, doubled study abroad applications among students, led a one-month study abroad trip to Italy, and hosted and co-hosted monthly cultural events reaching 30% of students every year.

I am also a Canadian/Norwegian immigrant who has lived in Kenya, England, and South Korea, though I feel most at home in the U.S. (and California specifically). I identify as a Third Culture Kid, am a language geek (I’ve studied college-level Spanish for over three years) and enjoy dirt on my hiking boots (Six Pack of Peaks; Half Dome). Woo, Positivity, Communication, Activator, and Ideation are my five strengths, according to Gallup.

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